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Shooting Schedule

:  8am • Hammers down: 9am

We shoot the 4th Weekend of each month.

Cowboy shooting on Saturday and Long Range shooting on Sunday

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$15.00 – GMR Members


$20.00 - Non-Members


Your first time shooting with us is always free so come on down, you've got nothing to loose.

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Typical Ammo Needs:

65 Rounds Pistol Cartridge

65 Rounds Lever Rifle Cartridge 30 Rounds Shotgun

** These are approximate amounts


We usually shoot six stages and end up approximately 1:30 PM. Practice stages are open after the match. So, bring extra ammo and get in some practice.

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Stage Conventions

Stage Conventions or standard range behaviors are a list of practices every shooter is expected to know and follow on every stage. These stage conventions should be followed in all SASS matches unless otherwise directed in stage descriptions.


  • 1. All knockdown shotgun targets may be reengaged until down.

  • 2. All knockdown targets (shotgun, rifle, or revolver) must go down to count.

  • 3. All staged guns shall have their barrels pointed safely down range. All long guns staged horizontally shall be staged lying flat where at least the rear of the trigger guard is on the staging area.

  • 4. Staged shotguns will be open and empty.

  • 5. Shooters may not start a stage with ammunition in hand unless written in the stage instructions.

  • 6. After firing long guns will be made safe open and empty with their barrels pointed safely down range.

  • 7. Revolvers are returned to leather after the shooting string.

  • 8. Revolvers are drawn and used in accordance with the shooter’s category.

  • 9. Safe gun handling is the shooter’s responsibility. The 170-degree safety rule is in effect. The basketball traveling rule when there is a live round under the hammer is in effect.

  • 10. If no starting position is given the shooter shall stand fully erect with revolvers holstered, hands at the side not touching any firearm.

  • 11. Cowboy port arms is defined as standing fully erect with the butt of the long gun at or below the waist of the shooter, the muzzle at or above the shoulder, and the long gun held with both hands.

  • 12. Interpersonal Conflicts WILL NOT be tolerated.

Shooting Shedule

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Sample Stages

Wanna see what a few of the stages you'll be facing look like? Click the link below and enjoy!


(Download sample stage pdf here)

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NORMAL Schedule:

(5-6 Stages)


8:00 AM Sign In

8:20 AM New Shooter Orientation

8:45 AM Safety Meeting

9:00 AM Hammers Down

            START SHOOTING

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2017 Match Schedule

Jan. 28 – Cowboy Match

Jan. 29 – Long Range Match




Feb. 25 – Cowboy Match

Feb. 26 – Long Range Match



Mar. 25 – Cowboy Match

Mar. 26 – Long Range Match



Apr. 22 – 7th Annual Regulators Revenge

Apr. 23 – 3nd Annual Long Range Match

Apr. 29 – 5th Saturday Cowboy Match



May 27 – Cowboy “theme” Match

Cinco de Mayo

May 28 – Long Range Match



Jun. 24 - Cowboy “theme” Match

Cowboy Underwear

Jun. 25 – Long Range Match



Jul. 22 – TSRA

Jul. 23 – Long Range Match




Aug. 26 – Cowboy Match

Aug. 27 – Long Range Match



Sep. 23 – Cowboy Match

Sep. 24 – Long Range Match

Sep. 30 – 5th Saturday Cowboy Match



Oct. 28 – Cowboy Match

Oct. 29 – Long Range Match



Nov. 25 – Cowboy Range Match

Nov. 26 – Long Range Match



Dec. 23 – Cowboy Range Match

Dec. 24 – Long Range Match

Dec 30 – 5th Saturday Cowboy Match



Welcome to Green Mountain Regulators

Founded September 20, 2006

We are a SASS affiliated club located north west of Austin, TX. We are located at 14230 S. FM 1174, Marble Falls, TX 78654. We are east of Marble Falls off of FM 1174 in Burnet County.

(For Google Map, click here)

GPS: 30.58412567320916, -98.11274886131286

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